Jan 23, 2016

20 Reasons why Australia is the greatest place to live

With the Australia Day celebrations looming and my 10th Anniversary of living in Australia this month, I wanted to write an appreciation post for this wonderful country.

Here's my 20 Reasons why Australia is the best place to live

1. The weather is amazing. So much Sunshine.

2. Home of the Great Barrier Reef - No explanation needed

3. The whole vibe of the Country is just generally chilled out.

4. There are so many places you can go that are completely untouched by man, where you can go to get away from technology and buildings and just relax.

5. It's acceptable to wear thongs (flip flops) at any time

6. Australians are proud to be Australian. One of my favourite sayings is 'That's Un-Australian' when you do something that is a bit horrible, slightly offensive to the Aussie Culture, not wanting to drink beer etc. people will tell you to stop being Un-Australian!

7. Australia has a  strong economy.

8. 'Lifestyle' is a huge part of the culture. You never really feel the overwhelming urge to go on holiday because everyday is kind of a holiday.

9. There's so many parks for kids and families, almost always kitted out with public/free barbecues so you can spend whole days there, enjoying the sun, food, family and friends.

10. Epic Sunrises and Sunsets

11. Dolphins swim in the Ocean, close to the beach. I've swam with dolphins a good few times. I have also seen Whales swimming on the Great Barrier Reef and off the coast of Kalbarri in WA and it really is amazing seeing them in the wild like that.

12. Kangaroos and Koalas. In our last house we had heaps of permanent kangaroo residents.

13. Kids  in Australia spend heaps of time playing outside and doing sporting activities instead of sitting in indoors glued to the television or the ipad.

14. Australia is so big and so diverse, there's so many places to explore and so many places that make you feel so small and appreciative of Mother Nature.

15. Centrelink -  People don't realize how lucky they are living in a Country that encourages you to have children and stay at home with them whilst they are young, or if you want or still need to work, you still get a certain amount of help and support.
The Australian Government currently spends almost $7 billion a year to support families to access quality and affordable child care. From personal experience, I cannot speak highly enough of the childcare centres my children have attended.

16. Australia is very multi-cultural and everyone manages to live relatively peacefully together.

17. The minimum wage in Australia is $17.29

18. Surfing all year round.

19. Beautiful Birds and Wildlife

20. Our animals are bad-ass


You can also thank Australia for Cold Chisel, INXS, Home and Away, the Hemsworth Brothers and Hugh Jackman,


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