Jan 12, 2016

ADELE inspired Makeup

Ever since Adele came on the scene, I've been obsessed with her signature make-up look. I love the matt, flawless skin, the incredible winged eyeliner and big lashes. Adele teams it with this nude/brown almost slightly orange toned lip colour which compliments the whole look. Her face is incredible.

Now I do not have the amazing bone structure or the looks of Adele but I wanted to try out a similar 'Adele inspired make-up look' today.

I used my usual Nude by Nature mineral powder all over my face (quite a lot) and then added a subtle highlight and contour with my Maybelline Sculpt which I bought a while ago as a temporary product before I invested in a high end contouring kit (I have my eye on the Charlotte Tillbury Hollywood one) but I've been really impressed with this and got used to using it everyday.

Then I put a small amount of eyebrow powder on from my Natio brow kit, which I also use everyday. It worked well for this look though because Adeles brows always look quite natural and not too dark.

Next, I want to say, how amazing are false lashes? I think I've only worn them about 4 times in my whole life. Never quite enjoying them or mastering the application I've just never really bothered with them. I also always thought they looked a bit clown like and too fake.

But I bought these Ardell natural lashes and I don't think they look like Clown lashes at all. They are only a fraction longer than my natural lashes and are just adding a bit of thickness to my natural ones. I have used these twice now and am super impressed with the overall effect. I wear contact lenses every day and can be sensitive to a lot of eye products, but the glue doesn't irritate my eyes and sometimes I apply the glue quite thick. So yeah, really really happy with these.


I used my Urban Decay naked palette 2 and the colour Foxy as my 'all over the eye-lid' base colour (which I actually use pretty much every day)

Followed by Busted and Blackout for the darker shade in the creases.

I then used my Maybelline Eye Studio Drama Gel eyeliner and put in my lid liner. The photo I was copying of Adele was a look where her lids are just lined, not a huge winged line.

Then I added my Ardell Natural Lashes. Once they were dry and secure I went over the lid liner with another layer of the Drama Gel eyeliner, to go over any bits that may have been disturbed in the gluing process.

I added my Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara over both sets of lashes. I am absolutely loving this mascara at the moment, it doesn't feel too heavy and does a great job of 'fanning out' my lashes (please excuse the lack of any actual professional make-up terms) I actually have quite a lot of trouble with this because my lashes are dead straight (so annoying) so I always look for a mascara that will help 'lift' them.

For the lipstick I used the Kate Moss lasting finish in shade 113. I am also obsessed with these lipsticks. They stay on well, are really good value for money and don't dry my lips out. I have a bit of a soft spot for Kate Moss, and the fact they are 'her' lipsticks, does influence my purchase.



  1. Beautiful make up!


  2. love your makeup! so pretty!



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