Jan 4, 2016

Career Change, Blogging Adventures and Finishing my third book

Over the last few months I have been been putting a lot of extra effort into my blog. Mainly because I love it. But also because the more you put in to something, the more you get out of it. A blog can open so many doors to different avenues if you have the right attitude and the passion for it. So many people see it as an 'easy' way into a more glamorous lifestyle but unless you are already famous or extremely lucky that is not the case at all. You need to build up a following, show how dedicated you are and like I said before, genuinely love it.

Recently my blog has led to advertising income, paid posts and even a new job in Journalism! I am so excited about this and contributing to a real life magazine.

Writing, Art and Photography have always been my passions and I'm so grateful I get to combine them all and spend my days doing stuff I love.

In other writing areas. I have picked up my third book again and started work on it.I haven't written anything in this book for a long time because it didn't feel heart felt enough. I really wanted to write a book that was meaningful, with a deep story-line that would really affect people and I finally feel ready to start work on it again and take it in that direction.

I hope you guys are all having a great start to the year and putting your goals into place!



  1. It's fantastic to hear that you are focusing on your passions!

    Isabel Marcelo

  2. I completely agree! Blogging is a lot of work and dedication, but it really does open up many doors to incredible experience. I wish you the best on this amazing adventure. Xo, Ellese


    1. Thank you so much Ellese, really appreciate it xx

  3. I like this post! It inspires me!!

    I'm a new fashion blogger from BARCELONA
    Let me know what you think about my blog,


  4. I completely agree with what you said, you don't get any of the blogging privileges without hardcore dedication and just loving what you're choosing to do! Great post xx


    1. Thanks Lou!! Its great when you realize the hard work is starting to pay off and I'm so glad I didn't give up xx


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