Feb 4, 2016

Dissh Clothing obsession

I have never really found a clothing store that I really love in Australia, mainly because I have an ever changing body type and not a huge deal of time to shop a lot. Over the last year I have been really liking Dissh. I always seem to find GREAT dresses the in the sale.

Their sales are amazing because they are heavily reduced items but then every time I've been there's been that magical moment at the counter where everything has a further 20% off and it feels like a huge bonus and that you're winning at life.

The last time this happened I was extra pleased because I genuinely loved the items that I got. I was looking for some well fitted smart dresses that I could wear to work.

This first one was reduced down to $29 PLUS an extra 20% off at the counter!!

The second dress was $39 and again had the further 20% off at the counter. I love the neck detail on the second one.

Check out their awesome sale at DISSH


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