Apr 9, 2016

Saturday Style #30wears

After watching 'The true cost' I have totally changed my attitude to fashion. I still love it but I am so much more mindful of what I wear, where it ends up when I 'donate' it because tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill each year and it is the second most destructive industry next to the oil industry in pollution. The amount of clothes that end up in landfill (where they sit for over 200 years producing harmful carbon emissions) is frightening. Check out 'The true cost' documentary and this post The devastating effects of fast fashion to learn more.

Apart from trying to find more sustainable and eco friendly brands, I will now only be buying an item if I can be sure that I will wear it at least 30 times. No more throwaway items or buying something just because it's cheap.

This is my favourite Saturday style or weekend outfit. I bought this top around 2.5 years ago and have honestly worn it and worn it. I reckon at least 50 times.

These jeans were a purchase from last winter and again, a favourite of mine. They have been worn at least 30 times already.

Get involved in the #30wears campaign and share your photos of your favourite clothes that you always wear! Check out the documentary too because it really is eye-opening.

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