Apr 26, 2016

Winter Style - Houndstooth Skirt

I absolutely love this season, it's not quite cold yet but we've said goodbye to the blistering heat. So you can wear outfits like tights and boots and blazer jackets without melting in the sun.

My boyfriend bought me this skirt two Christmases ago and I've only worn it once or twice. I'm not sure why but I just felt like I didn't know how to wear it, or what with. But today I found it buried in a box of clothes and thought 'this is perfect'
So I threw it on and here we are....

I am constantly trying to find new ways of wearing my clothes, to really wear them. I've been obsessed with buying clothes for years, although I've always been great at donating and recycling my unwanted items, I still think it's not good enough. I'm being mindful about everything in my wardrobe and breathing new life into old items. Fashion is not just about the latest trend, it's about how an item looks on you, what it says about you and how you wear it.


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  1. I think this outfit is super chic!
    The skirt is so cute and I love how you've styled it.
    Much love,


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