May 6, 2016

Getting healthy and Niomi Smarts Banana Chocolate Porridge

One of my more 'positive' changes is cutting a lot of sugar out of my diet and eventually all of it. I have been a vegetarian for about 4 months now (ever since I watched Cowspiracy!) and I'm trying really hard to eat right. Healthy body, healthy mind and all that.

The main change is breakfast. Breakfast usually entailed two cups of tea (with two sugars in each!) and then I wouldn't eat anything until around 11am. My excuse was that I was too busy and I didn't get hungry in the mornings. Too lazy more like.

So I now have either 2 slices of organic rye bread, two poached eggs and an avocado or this. I was reading Niomi Smart's blog because she is a huge inspiration for me and I came across this recipe.

I've been wanting to get into porridge for a while but every time I've tried it it's been a bit gross but I tried this one and thought it was delicious.

In my constant quest to give up tea and sugar I tried this organic tea by 'Higher Living' it's white tea and strawberry flavoured and I think it's really nice and sweet, so much nicer than some of the rank herbal teas I have tried lately.

Go check out for the original recipe and heaps of other delicious healthy recipes.

Love Hayley xx

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  1. I've been trying to give up sugar and tea too, but its so hard. The white tea strawberry sounds like a good alternative! I've never been a big fan of herbal teas.



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