Jun 28, 2016

Half Term Activities - How to make flower crowns

I wanted to organize some fun home based activities for the kids and I this half term and making flower crowns with Tilly was high on the list.

We went to the florist this afternoon and purchased some individual stems of flowers, a variety of four or five different types, that we chose together.

We also purchased a roll of floral tape and some floral wire.

Altogether we spent $29 but I think that was mainly the price of flowers because the floral tape and floral wire was only $7.00

To make them we used 2 pieces of floral wire and twisted them together to make the size of our heads.

Then we roughly mapped out where our flowers were going to go, then fastened them in place with the floral wire.

The only real 'trick' to it is to stretch the tape and use the warmth from your fingers to mould it and 'stick' it down, it's not like sellotape or duct tape. It took Matilda a little while to get the hang of it but she did eventually and did a great job.

It was a really fun and easy activity for us to do together and even more fun to wear them for the rest of the day.


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