Jul 18, 2016

Test results and trying on wigs!

 It's the night before I start chemo and after my initial fear and objection to it, I now realise that the risk is too high for me not to do it. Based on the type of tumour I had (aggressive grade 3 triple hormone positive) and the fact it had spread to 3 of my lymph nodes. I'm not doing it for the sake of 5% better odds, I'm doing it because it means statistically I have a 96% 5 year survival rate (they base most cancer statistics on 5 year periods) and every chance that once this chemo and hormone treatment is done, I will never get cancer again and go on to live a long old healthy life. So going into the treatment with this in mind does help. It has a great purpose and I'm thankful there are drugs out there to help me.

Of course, it is unknown territory and I don't know how it will make me feel yet but I will give it my all and carry on being positive and try to keep my body as healthy as possible with food, drink and whatever else I can do.

I did get some amazing news today too! After numerous visits to the nuclear and medical imaging departments last week where they did a bone scan and CT scan, the results for both came back and the cancer HAS NOT SPREAD ANYWHERE!!! I was so happy I cried on the way home from the hospital. It was such a huge, huge relief and a feeling of pure joy and gratitude. It was the light at the end of the tunnel that has given me hope and strength to keep on fighting.

The Doctors and other girls I have spoken to going that are through their chemo or have been through it, said you usually lose your hair on the second week after your first treatment and although I like to think 'it's only hair' and it is, hair is nothing when it comes to getting better and your health and your life, I know that. But still....it will be hard. My hair has always been one of my best features, my security blanket and the fact that I'll be bald in two weeks is pretty scary. I can cope with the shaved head but it's when it goes shiny that it will be freaky...I guess I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it.

In the meantime I have been trying on wigs and seeing what other hair styles may suit me.

My friend Vanessa very kindly gave me a long dark brown  wig that I really like. But as I have always wanted to see what I look like with blonde hair I picked this little one up today. Ok it's not amazing but you may as well have fun where you can!!

So that's my little update, I'll check in soon with an update on how I'm doing with the chemo

Love Hayley X


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  1. Such a positive read. All the best. Keep fighting x x


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