Aug 6, 2016

Chemo day 18 - Shaving my head!

 I washed my hair this morning and there was literally handfuls of it coming out. I had to finally admit that my hair was gone and only hanging on by a thread, as soon as I touched it, it fell out.

It was getting annoying having a trail of hair behind me, vacuuming the house twice a day and waking up to a pillow full of hair!

I was really upset whilst it was falling out, I sat in the bath crying my eyes out pulling clumps of it out, trying to wash it but it just coming out in my hands.

So Craig got the clippers and shaved it all off for me. The kids even had a turn each.

I looked in the mirror, expecting to cry and hate it but I kind of like it! It feels really good to have no hair, very liberating. 

And also, I shaved my legs the other day and it hasn't grown back #bonus
No shaving my legs or anything for four months....sweet.

This is all an experience, I mean when else would I have been able to see myself with a shaved head?!

Im pretty happy my head is a normal shape and doesn't have any weird dents.
There's no point in getting upset or pining over my long hair, I've gotta just embrace it and be grateful that I'm getting healthier and cancer free because at the end of the day that's all that matters.

Watch the video below!!


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