Aug 22, 2016

Chemo round two - Good days and bad days

This round has been much easier in many ways. I have experienced some of the aches and pain but nothing like last time. I haven't even come close to taking codeine either, which is a relief.
There was a good few days of baths and hot water water bottles but I was obsessed with staying on top of the pain and it never got too bad.

On day 10, like clockwork, the acne raised its ugly head.
It doesn't appear to be as bad as it was last time with the disgusting pussy whiteheads but it still looks very red, very bumpy and is pretty damn sore.

The Doctors said the acne was a result of the steroids and they halved my dosage at the beginning of treatment so maybe that's why it's not as bad but I was hoping to miss out on this horrible side effect all together. Fingers crossed it will disappear in the next few days. I honestly can't cope with the baldness and acne combo and it really does get me down, you can't even forget about it because it stings constantly, like a burning reminder of how ugly you currently are.

Weirdly my hair has stopped falling out too. So at the moment I have a very 'fluffy' head. I basically have a small amount of hair all over my head but it's obviously really thin. God it looks weird, I feel like an old man or a new born chick.

It doesn't help that I have a 'tuft' of hair on the crown of my head, which hasn't fallen out at all. Craig likes to rub it  and sometimes just looks at the tuft and cracks up laughing. When he mowed the lawn at the weekend, he mowed the whole lawn except for one small island/tuft of grass and said I was his inspiration. Haha.
I think I'm gunna have to reshave my head, with a razor.

This week I've been Feeling pretty good physically so I have been trying to get out and about whilst I can. It's good to feel the sunshine on your skin and catch up with friends. I've been walking the dog and even went to the Sunshine Coast to catch up with a friend.

I'm all about doing what makes your soul happy now!

I have my next chemo on Tuesday and the cycle will begin again! At least next time it will be treatment three and I'll be halfway there, yayyy!

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