Sep 8, 2016

Hospital appointment and checking boobs

I had a hospital appointment yesterday to discuss having radiation once my chemo is finished (3 rounds to go). I didn't really know anything about radiation before I went it and definitely feel a bit more knowledgeable on the subject now and more importantly it's benefits.

It will basically complement the surgery as a targeted therapy and kill any cells that may have been left on the site where the breast was. Cells that may have travelled and got stuck in the lymph nodes. Obviously I have just had an operation and things like scar tissue and not as good blood flow in that site, means that if the chemo was going to miss any area, it might miss it there.

It's a good way to cover all bases basically. They will design a radiation pattern specifically for me. I will have three little permanent dots tattooed onto me so they can line the machine up exactly each time, which will be weird! The side effects will be more tiredness, irritation and redness of the skin oh and a small risk of a different type of cancer.....With radiation comes risk of cancer but the positives and my need for it far outweigh the risks apparently.

I will also have to go to hospital every day for 5 weeks to receive the treatment!! That is going to be bloody tiring in itself and I'm not looking forward to it but at this time I've accepted I've just got to do what I've got to do and I really do want to cover all bases to ensure these little bastard cells are killed and I never have to experience cancer again.

I asked the Doctor something I haven't asked before, I asked if they could tell how long my cancer had been there for.

She told me it was hard to tell but that there were lots of pre-invasive cells that had been there for quite some time. Possibly years. Then basically something was triggered and invasive cells formed a tumour.

I know that trigger was stress, I've said it countless times that stress was a huge factor in this for me. There's no coincidence that around the time I started getting severe panic attacks, stress, running on adrenaline and working like crazy in all aspects of my life that I got sick.

But anyway, it just made me want to write about the importance of early detection again. So let this be your monthly reminder to check your boobs right now!! Is there anything different from last time you checked, have you followed up any concerns with your Doctor?

This is also a reminder to de-stress. We as a generation have more stress than ever, most of it is stress and pressure we un-necccesarily put on ourselves. So if you're feeling moody, pissed off, annoyed, over-worked, tired and stressed out. STOP.

Just breathe, have a bath, have a nap, stop letting whatever it is that's hurting you have power over you. Give yourself a break and some time to appreciate the moment and all the awesome little things.


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  1. A nice write, up all the best, I hope you get rid of all those horrible cells for good. xx


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