Dec 29, 2016

Hopes and Dreams for 2017

Never have I been so thankful for a fresh start. I always get excited for that new year feeling because I'm a hopeless dreamer but this year more than ever I am filled with excitement, and after a crappy few days after Christmas where I struggled with my burns and exhaustion from radiation, I have picked myself back up and eaten really well today despite the burns in my throat. I even put on my 'gym gear' and trainers to take the dog for a walk and run around with the kids.

Sometimes that's all you need to lift your spirits, some good food and some exercise. I'll try to remember that in the future.

So as my ginger and miso soup cooks gently for the next twenty minutes I thought I'd sit down at my laptop and share a few things that I would love for 2017. Things that are going to make it an amazing year.

First things first -  A holiday is needed. We went to the beach a few times in 2016, a nice trip to Byron and some weekends away in the Sunshine Coast but this year I'm making a holiday a priority. Even if we don't leave Australia, a whole week at a little beach house would be incredible. I constantly dream of packing up my easel, some canvases, a sketchpad and some books and heading to the beach where I can set up, draw inspiration from my surroundings and also just have time to chill. To spend days on end playing with the kids on the beach, eating ice creams and jumping the waves. I don't care how long it takes me to save up for it, that is a top priority. Time by the sea to wash away the cobwebs, away from phones and computers.

My job - Craig and I have an exciting new project that we'll be launching in the next few days. I have high hopes for it and hopefully it will be a great earner for us both. I am going to keep painting. I'm really proud of myself for how many painting sales and good work I did, all whilst going through chemo. I'm excited to see what I can do now that I'm not doing the horrible treatment anymore. I feel like I need to follow my heart, I need to stay on the path that will keep me healthy and I truly believe that art is good for my soul. As is writing and this blog.
Lately this blog has been earning a small amount of money and if I can grow it further, help more people that it reaches then I will be one happy girl.

Wear a bikini - This may sound silly but ever since I have had kids I haven't worn a bikini. I've never pushed myself fully to exercise to the point where I have a nice tummy. To be honest I don't even know if that's possible anymore but I'm going to try. Exercise is something that definitely cheers me up  even if I literally have to be forced to do it. But even if I don't get 'a nice tummy' I can still trat myself to a nice bikini and learn to love the skin I'm in.


Make more friends - I know this sounds incredibly pathetic but I've moved around a lot over the last ten years, I'm a Mum and am guilty of being a bit of an extrovert and I love my own company. I have a few very good friends and during my cancer battle I lost a lot of 'so-called friends' people who I thought would have stepped up, people I thought had my back but didn't, was kind of heart breaking. Those people didn't call me once or send a text to say 'hey how are you' but that made it all the more noticeable to those who were there for me constantly and truly cared. But I haven't really done a lot over the last 6 months, with constant hospital visits using up my small amount of energy. So next year when I'm feeling better I'm going to be more social, make the effort to go more places, go to more barbeques and things and just generally get out there a bit more. If it's one thing I've realised it's your tribe of people, those you surround yourself with that makes you happy at the end of the day.

Be more present -  I want to enjoy the moment more, spend more time with my kids, have more fun, be silly, be adventurous and be involved in every part of my life.

Charity - I have always wanted to do something to help a charity, whether that's volunteering my time or getting involved in other ways to raise money etc. I know first  hand how kindness can help you get through the day, I know how when you're down and desperate and someone reaches out and dos something to help you can be life-changing. I would love to help pay it forward and do more of that next year.

I'm wishing you all a fantastic 2017 and I hope you get everything you wish for X


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