Dec 19, 2016

How to dress: With style AND be eco friendly / Part one

It's no secret one of my huge passions is fashion and so is trying to raise awareness and live an eco-friendly life.
I have always, even as a young girl been very eco-conscious. My friends would make fun of me when I'd pick up their litter and carry it in my bag until I found a bin. I'd sit in cars and people would chuck their rubbish out of the window and I would literally cry and ask them to stop the car. I have always thought it is obvious that we need to look after our planet. If we don't look after our planet, we have nowhere to live. If we pollute the air and our water, we cannot drink and we cannot breathe, therefore we die. There is also all the lives of the animals we share this earth with to think about. And yet so many retailers seem to think that making a profit is more important than our lives and planets future.

After watching 'fast fashion' I realised one of the biggest industries actively destroying our planet is the fast fashion/clothing industry. From polluting our water with harmful chemicals, dyes, spraying our soil and ruining our natural eco system with harmful pesticides and GMO cotton. To sweatshops, child labour and disgusting working conditions. The fashion industry quickly became less appealing to me, as did cheap garments, $10 dresses and trends changing quicker than ever.

The only problem was, I didn't want to suddenly start dressing in hemp t-shirts and organic yoga pants.

I refuse to buy something just for it's cheap price anymore though. Not worrying if I'll never wear it because 'it's only $5'.

Now I buy something with the intention of wearing it for years to come. That means buying staple pieces that won't go out of fashion 10 minutes after you've worn it for the first time.

I do buy organic clothing. Our skin is our biggest organ so it makes sense to wear clothing made from organic cotton, that  hasn't ruined the lives of an Indian family to get to me. But there is not a huge amount of options for organic clothing yet. There are lots of organic sops but ones that are more 'practical' based as opposed to fashions and trends.

My favourite option though, is op shopping. Now before you roll your eyes and think 'stop guilting m into shopping in dinghy op shops that smells like a musty warehouse. You need to op-shop properly!
I'm basically talking about finding out when the deliveries of the new stuff comes in! In the pictures I am wearing a brand new Abercrombie and Fitch dress that was the retail cost of $78 USD
Which I bought from the op-shop for the grand price of $15 and this still has all the original labels on it. If this wasn't sold in that op-shop it would end up in landfill very quickly.

You see big retailers sometimes don't sell all their stock and are often donated to charity.

I think if you know what style and cut suits you, if you buy a classic shape with a classic pattern it doesn't matter where it's from, as long as it isn't going to end up in the bin or a big hole in the ground, to contribute to our ever growing greed society where everything is disposable.

On the same day I bought the stripy dress I found two brand new with labels CUE dresses. Now I have never been in a position to buy a CUE dress for myself, despite lusting over their corporate wear for years.
These two dresses brand new would have set me back a minimum of $440 because CUE dresses start at $219 and retail up to $399 each sometimes.
But I only paid $18 each for them. Whilst saving them from landfill and donating money to charity as well.

As soon as I saw these dresses, I'm not gunna lie, my heart skipped a beat. Not only do I love a barain, I love finding treasures like these. I mean, I can wear these dresses to work events, functions, christenings, anything for years to come or if I do ever decide I don't want them, I could sell them second hand for probably even more than I paid for them.

Op shops (or charity shops) have some absolute amazing items, directly from retailers which I don't think people even realize. They are not always just second hand crappy clothing that's old and musty and stinks of mothballs.

We need to be responsible in what we spend our money on, because that is the only way big companies listen to us. And shopping at the biggest retailers and hunting for hundreds of garments for the cheapest price we can find is destroying our planet...

With the rise of 'fashion bloggers' and people being more interested in fashion than ever, things will only get worse if we don't start changing our individual habits first.


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