Aug 13, 2017


Marriage equality has been in the media a lot again this week. Something I feel very strongly about but something I don't usually comment on a lot, mainly because, I always thought 'I don't understand the politics behind it...I don't have a clue what a plebiscite is' but then I realised, it doesn't matter that it is a 'political' issue, because it shouldn't be. It affects me, because it affects people I love and care about. I haven't commented because I don't want to be an insensitive asshole, because it's not an issue that affects my relationship. I don't feel like I should have an 'opinion' on this because to be honest, I can't believe anyone WOULD have an opinion on it. I can't believe it could possibly offend anyone, I can't believe anyone would be opposed to it, I can't believe that people who are in loving relationships are being stopped from getting married, in case it upsets the straight people.

There's two things that are really bothering me though and I feel everyone needs to be loud about this subject, because we need to make this debate, this discrimination, history.

The message it's sending out to young people. It makes me feel sick that a young person who may be just discovering he or she are gay, could hear these things on the television or in conversation, and pick up from a very early age that they don't have the same rights, that they are in some way not equal, and won't have the same rights as their friends.

Apart from the discrimination of beautiful same sex couples all over Australia, whose lives and relationships are being debated and scrutinised everyday in the media, it's the effect that all these comments are having on our youth that worries me and why I believe the change is so desperately needed. The message our politicians are sending out right now is not acceptable.

The fact that Australia is 'mainly' a Christian country, shouldn't be any reason to restrict gay marriage. Because there are many people who are not Christian, but also because, if we lived exactly the way the bible was written, it would be a very messed up, different country than what we're living in today anyway.

Also, this is not a religious issue. It's a legal issue. Those who are Christians in traditional marriages will not be affected by the introduction of same sex marriage, it's not going to affect their Christianity and it's not going to suddenly make them gay, so I'm not sure where the fear comes from.

I believe a gay man or a gay woman was born that way, the same way I was born a straight woman. If someone told me I had to love a woman instead of a man because that was 'the right thing to do' I would be appalled, and it works the other way too. How dare anyone tell anyone who they have the right to love or marry.

The only reason I felt compelled to say my piece today, was because I was embarrassed by Mia Freedman's embarrassing blog post where she took a selfie, pointing to her big old sparkling wedding band. To be fair to her she was all for marriage equality, it's just it was written in typical Mia style, she went about it the complete wrong way, making it all about herself. It's a shame, especially when she has such a big platform and voice (not entirely sure how she got this platform when she seems to spend most of her time publicly apologising for bashing people or being rude). Flashing her own wedding diamonds, hardly seemed appropriate the day after another disappointing result and more bullshit politics, standing in the way of marriage equality.


This clip just about sums up the ridiculousness of it all

You know what happens when things like racism and inequality are stronger than love and equal rights?

We all lose.

People aren't their true selves, people get depressed, people get bullied, people commit suicide, people hide their true personality. All because of some stupid ideology that only men and women are meant to love each other.

I recently spoke to a lady named Holly who is married to a lady named Jules. Getting married was extremely important to them, so in 2011 they travelled overseas and were married in Canada. I was curious to know how all this media attention and political debates made her feel. She is a person after all, not just a subject of scrutiny to our country.

A wife, a mother, a taxpayer, a good person. But for some reason Australia says it's illegal for her marriage to recognised in Australia.

She told me that she feels vulnerable, like she's in a fish bowl, that she's so glad her children aren't old enough to listen to the things that are being said in the media because, all they know right now is to love one another and be kind to people.

Holly says "I'm feeling anxious around my friends and work colleagues: wanting to ask if they will vote yes, but not wanting to test the relationship. The only thing worse than this uncertainty would be if the 'no' vote wins.

I hope we can get this yes vote up so that our union, which is legal and binding in Canada, can be recognised in Australia for what it is: a marriage. Just as meaningful and real as anyone elses"

The other thing that's bothering me, is the cost of the constant political debates. The longer this 'debate' goes on, the more uncomfortable it makes everyone feel. It also incurs more and more costs. Don't quote me on the exact number, but isn't it now going to cost upwards of $120 million to have this postal vote?

Surely we had better ways to spend taxpayers money than to exclude and humiliate good Australian people...Like, oh I don't know, Domestic violence services (1 woman a day dies at the hand of her husbands violence in Australia!)

I sincerely hope that everyone will register to vote and return their postal votes in agreement for same sex marriage, and Australia can move forward into a more equal, respectful country. Rolls close on August 24 with ballots to go out on 12 September.

This article shows how you can enrol to vote >>


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