Jan 28, 2018

Limitless - Overcoming fear and anxiety

Every piece of art that I create often comes from a deeply personal place. What I love is, when a
piece of art resonates with someone and evokes some emotion in them too, with their own life and experiences.

I titled this drawing/watercolour, 'Limitless' because I was working through a lot of emotional stuff at the time and I realized that I had subconsciously been standing in my own way for so many years.

For example I would think of something that I wanted to do, wanted to buy etc. And I'd think 'I'd love to do that' but then there would be a voice or just a feeling that would say 'yeah but YOU can't do that' and I'd just agree with it and chuck the thought in the 'that would be nice, but something I'll never do' basket.

My reasons would vary from, not being confident enough, you're not that kind of person, you can't afford to do that, you're not clever enough...

Hundreds of excuses that basically just boiled down to thinking I wasn't good enough.

So then I started to think about what my life would be like if I stopped putting these invisible limits on myself. I started to think about where I'd actually go, what kind of person I'd be, and it got me excited.

Now a lot of the limits I had put on myself were because I'd suffered with anxiety, pretty badly in the previous two years. I had a few experiences where on occasions I'd been out somewhere, and had a massive panic attack. This has probably only happened about 3 times, but I'm talking, convinced I was going to drop dead any minute, adrenaline rushing, terror stricken panic attack. Which, let me tell you, is not only the most horrible experience, it's also pretty embarrassing.

So the thing is, I began to fear having a panic attack. I wasn't scared of the event, I wasn't scared of any social situation, just literally, of having a panic attack in front of someone.

This stopped me from travelling and from experiencing things out of my comfort zone.

So, although this is easy to say now, to get over it, I just surrendered to it.

When the little voice in my head said 'ooh wouldn't it be embarrassing if you had an anxiety attack now' instead of feeling adrenaline and fear and resisting it, I'd just accept it, and think 'If I do, I do', I'd take a few deep breaths and the fear would pass. Just like that.

Taking the fear away, takes away it's power.

I started applying this to many areas of my life.

And it was probably the biggest lesson I learnt last year - Replace fear with love. When you are making decisions on your life based out of fear, you're not going to have the life you want.

So if there's something you can take away from this today, especially if you are someone who struggles with anxiety, let it be that.

Replace fear with love.

And watch the magic unfold.

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