Jun 19, 2019

3 years cancer free / Taking care of your boobs

Hello lovely people!

It's been a minute since I've written a post!

Life has been busy, with moving from Australia to England, and it's amazing how much 'life admin' needs to be done when moving Country. We've had to find a new School, new Doctors, new car, and a whole new routine to try and get into. It's been lovely though and I really feel like I'm 'home' for the first time in about, well, since I left, 13 years ago!

I wanted to pop on here and write a post because at the weekend I celebrated being 3 years cancer free, my cancerversary! Which I celebrate on the day I had my mastectomy and got rid of the tumour. It's an important day for me and every year when June rolls around, it brings up a lot of emotion, everything from sadness, to gratitude, to fear, guilt, happiness, pride in how far I have come.

This year I was surprised with a shopping trip to my favourite crystal shop, where my boyfriend bought me this beautiful turquoise ring. Every time I look down at it, it makes me smile, because it is so pretty but also because he cared enough to celebrate this day with me, and the fact I made it to another year healthy and happy.

I feel like the last 3 years has been a journey of self discovery and I feel like I have really got to know myself and experience life from a place of presence instead of living on autopilot.

In my lifestyle I have made changes that I hope will keep me healthy, which is what I wanted to write about today.

I try and live as stress-free as I can. Of course you can't eliminate stress entirely, life will always be throwing you challenges, it's how you grow as a person.
What I mean is that I try and eliminate unnecessary stress. I say no to things I know will make me feel unhappy or cause me a great amount of difficulty, I say no to things I don't want to do but feel like I should do, just to keep other people happy.
I don't push myself to the limits anymore, I'm conscious of what is possible for me to achieve on a daily basis.

I try to take care of my body through eating healthy. I slip up (a lot) but generally I am happy with how I eat and the food I'm fueling my body with. I'm a vegetarian now (to eliminate excess hormones and for ethical and environmental reasons)
I eat cruciferous vegetables every day, even if it's just broccoli or spinach with my lunch and dinner. I drink celery juice, I drink green smoothies and I try to only eat organic food, to eliminate pesticides and carcinogens from getting into my body.

I use natural products, and toxic free products, with no parabens or sulfate or harsh chemicals, this comes with no exceptions for me. I simply don't use harmful products on my body.

I also meditate frequently, to keep myself calm. With a meditation app, love frequency music, or mainly just meditations I find on youtube. I save them all on a meditation playlist so I can come back to my favourite ones time and time again.

I say affirmations. I have them up around the house. I truly believe if you can master your mind, you will be happy and healthy.  So I fill my mind with good words, good thoughts and good vibes. I no longer talk to myself in a bad way, or criticize every part of my body/personality/mistakes.

One of my favourite ways to keep calm and take a moment to care for my body is by using Happy Breast Balm. It is a divine smelling balm made up of essential oils, specifically for the breasts. It uses things like iodine to nourish the breast tissue (absolutely vital for healthy breasts which I didn't know until I came across this product.)
It also has magnesium in it which helps with natural pain relief. I suffer major hormonal breast pain around my period and also nerve damage from my mastectomy and radiation which has subsided so much since using the oil.

I have teamed up with Happy Breast Balm and they have a special code for my followers to use and get 10% off their orders.

If you would like to purchase an oil or ultimate breast care pack use the code hayleylove10 at the checkout and follow this link HAPPY BREAST BALM WEBSITE

This product is for every woman, not just for women who have been through breast cancer (although it's incredibly beneficial for those women too)
The mission of the founder of HBB is to get women to take their breasts back into their own hands, remove the fear and taboos around breasts. They don't want women only scarily touching their boobs once a month incase they get cancer, they want women to get back in touch with their bodies and care for their breasts in the same way they care for their hair or nails or any other part of their body.

We have a whole lymphatic system, blood flow and tissue in our breasts that need to be nourished.

If you are interested in how I like to live my life right now in detail, my daily practices and every method I used to get over my anxiety, you can read all about it in my book  'HOW CANCER CURED MY ANXIETY' available on AMAZON

Thank you for following along with my blog and reading this post. It means a lot to me and I hope as always that it will give you something helpful to take away into your own life 

Love, Hayley X


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