Mar 1, 2012

My First Book - Wallflower - Available as an e-book - Very Exciting!!

I have delved into the big wide world of Kindle and self publishing! I started writing my first book about 3 years ago; shortly after, we got a virus on our laptop which deleted ALL files and I was left in tears as I had to re-write most of the book! I learnt the hard way about backing up files!!

I put the finishing touches to it a couple of months ago, in between looking after my 2 year old and 1 year old, it reminded me I still had a purpose when my kids were sleeping and kept my brain ticking over 
The book is only $1.99 and I would love some reviews on it!

Set in Britain in 1994, Josie Clark is living the boring British dream. A full time job that she hates, she's quiet and shy, drowning in loneliness. That is until Lisa Jackson comes along and introduces her to a world of drugs, men, raving and freedom.
Josie idolizes Lisa and loves her new life. But what are Lisa's dark secrets that have led her on this path? The reality of which is no self respect, a drug addiction and no contact with her parents.

The two girls change each others lives, embarking on a journey of dangerous highs and lows.

This story addresses the issues faced by so many in Britain in the nineties but is still so relevant today. This book has strong moral messages but told in a humorous and light-hearted way. Everyone can relate to these charming characters.


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