Jan 19, 2013

A year free of Negativity - Amazing results

Last year I learned a few tips that would help re-train my brain to change my life and find happiness. Ok that sounds a bit weird, new age and funky and I promise Im not trying to be a self - help guru or anything like that. Im just writing this blog to remember some of the changes Ive made and the amazing effect its had on my life, to keep going with it and hopefully some people will read it and try it themselves!

Last year was tough for me, I was seperated from my husband, I was arguing with his family, living in a small placd in Brisbane and struggling with money bringing up the kids by myself. I felt like my career and dreams were unimportant and the only things that kept me going were the beautiful smiling faces and love from my children and support from my family.
I started reading 'The Power' as my Mum kept banging on about it. (who it really has made amazing changes for - i will get to that)
I believed it all but sometimes you believe something and you still dont actually change!

Its all about the Universal Laws of attraction about how love attracts love, hate attracts hate etc.
Everything you do has an effect and I realised its So easy to complain about something (it kind of feels good for a second, having a gossip or a moan to your friend) complaining about the material things we dont have, complaining we're too busy or too tired or whatever. But by doing this, we're attracting more of it.
I found that I had got into a habit of complaining about little things. Always moaning I didnt have my own car and how I couldnt afford one and that made everything more difficult etc. I realise now that by doing this I was attracting more difficult circumstances where I needed a car, more resentment, more money issues because I wasnt being grateful for what I did have.
I wasnt grateful that I had the ability to walk, get on a bus, car seats and family members always offering to help me. I had money to pay my rent, eat nice food, buy my children toys and clothes.
I was pushing my dream of having my own car further and further away.

This new year has been a clean slate and I make a conscious effort every day to get up and either write down ten things or more, of things Im grateful for. The point of it being you are changing your mood, how can you get up and feel crap when youve just reminded yoyrself how grateful you are for all the brilliant things in your life!

When you read 'The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne its a 28 day plan to get you to do all these tasks and it basically changes your brain to make gratitude become a habit. Everytime you are grateful, you attract more of that thing.

For example, when I was doing my task one day 'Magic Money' - one I was particularly excited about, it involved printing off a cheque from the website that  was blank and signed by the universe. I filled out the amout of $200 and put my name in the space provided. I did what I was supposed to and visualised that $200, I was Thankful for it. I put it on my fridge and anytime I saw it I smiled, said Thankyou and believed it was mine. Bearing in mind I had $0.00 in my bank or wallet and not due to get paid for over a week you can imagine my delight (and gratitude haha) when I received the $200 the next day PLUS another $200 the following day from completely unexpected circumstances!! I sold a painting on ebay which had been on there for months and months, Id completely forgotten about it. I sold my pram which had also been on gumtree for ages with hardly any interest ( i sold it to the nicest lady too who stayed for a chat and was so happy with it it made my day) I received some child support and a few other bits.

I have had hundreds of incidents like this but only ever when I am happy and practising gratitude. I have slipped into negativity a few times and complaining about little things (because its an old habit) and sure enough they are the days when things go wrong and negative stuff happens.

This year my main focus was to be grateful every day. The most amazing thing being the relationship wih my husband. We are back together and with me practising gratitude for him he has turned into a super husband. It was hard at first lol because we had so many issues but I started off with being grateful for him to give me two children, the things I love most in the whole world - without him they wouldnt be here. I was thankful for the good times we had had in the past and thankful for his good qualities. He also said he would try the Magic too and he has been so positive and even reminding ME to just be grateful if something has cropped up and I coyld have got in a mood and vice versa. I lay herd now in bed at quarter to ten on his day off while he is at the park with the kids, I'll also say the house is immaculate because he cleaned up before he went and pulled some meat out of the freezer for dinner. I have the view of a beautiful mountain out of my bedroom window, the sounds of the rainforest and a feeling of peace in our gorgeous new house :)


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