Jan 3, 2013

Going Natural - No Parabens

A few months ago I was made aware of the dangerous amount of chemicals in beauty products.
It really pissed me off that companies have been doing it, people use these products every day and have put their trust in beauty companies to give us safe products. Now you have to study the label on bloody everything just to check its not harmful.
It seems a lot of shops are catching on though and most are selling products labelled with 'no parabens, no sulfates, no harmful chemicals' - I dont know why people would buy anything else to be honest.

Anyway thats the rant over. This is just a quick blog really to let everyone know the Wonder that I have discovered. Organic Coconut Oil.

Its absolutely amazing, I have been using it on my face and have had beautiful soft skin wih NO spots since I started it.

I have used it on my whole body as a moisturiser as it is light and non sticky and leaves your skin nourished and hydrated and silky soft.

I have been using it on my saggy tummy too. There is a definite improvement on the skin on my tummy from my two pregnancies.

Please please try it. It smells delicious, it is completely natural and does wonders for your skin. I think I paid $12 for this big jar and it lasts for ages. So happy I found it :)


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