Jan 22, 2013

My Sukin obsession - Moisturiser review

This is one of my absolute favourite products so I had to write a blog review for it.
Its an all natural - paraben free, toxin free, not tested on animals product. This is the main thing I love about it because anything you put on your skin is being absorbed into your body and bloodstream so I always prefer my products without horrible harsh chemicals.

This is the lightest, non greasy, hydrating and effective and beautiful smelling product I have ever used!! Literally the smell is amazing.
You only need a small amount of the product so the medium sized 125ml bottle will last you a while so for $9.95 this product is a bargain.
The bottle is easy to use and doesn't let lots squeeze out all over the place which is a bonus too.

If you follow my blog you'll know I love organic or natural or paraben free products but I still love my beauty products, creams and make-up so I love it when I find a cream like this that does the job perfectly, doesn't effect its quality and smells this delicious!!

10/10 for this one :)


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