Jan 6, 2013

Rainy Days / Lazy Days - Fun Things to do with your Toddler

Sometimes it rains and you're stuck inside all day, Or sometimes you have a bad back or just don't feel like carting your toddlers around parks or shops or swimming lessons and you need some fun activities to keep your little ones whinge free, occupied and doing something productive.

I have compiled a little list of things that I have found successful with my two. My little girl is 21 months and my son is nearly three.

1. Dough.
All kids love playdough. Theres the stuff you can buy or you can make your own. You can make playdough or salt dough.

Before Christmas, the kids and I made some saltdough decorations and my son even painted some of his own. Its great because its easy to make and you can use cookie cutters to make some fun stuff that you can actually cook and keep. We also made some handprints. Rolled out some dough to about 1cm thickness, they did their handprint. After we had baked it and it had cooled I painted my daughters handprint with pink acrylic paint and my sons in blue. They look really cute and a great little keepsake.

Recipe for salt dough :-

1 and a half cups of Plain Flour
1/2 cup fine salt
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2/3 cup chilled water

2. Painting- Before you think of the Godawful mess, stains and licking the paint scenario I have found the answer! The Early Learning Centre do these paints called Easy Painters that come in a bottle with a felt top and thwy can sort of dot the paint onto the paper but they cant squeeze it all out. Its GENIUS! They are water based and easy to wash off any surface and clothing.


3. Train Tracks - building a town
I love doing this with my son, he really enjoys it and is a great learning experience for them. Putting all the shops together, animals in the fields and farms. Car Parks and whatever you want to add. They learn about police stations, fire Brigades, supermarkets and will build a little picture in their minds of what a town is. We have a wooden train set that was only about $15 from K-Mart and some little okastic animals, hot wheels and matchbox cars and all that kind of thing. It will keep them entertained for ages!

4. Make a Cubby house / den.
Literally a table with a big blanket draped over can turn into a secret den just for them. Fill it with a duvet, cushions and a few toys. My kids take their little 'computers' (leap pads) in there. They think its great. Sometimes I put their toy kitchen next to it and make out like its their house.

5. The laundry basket and the ball
Kids play with anything. Give them a ball (football sized but make sure its quite light so nothing gets broken) give them a marker point and watch them learn to throw. They are so pleased with themselves when they get the ball in the basket. It teaches them basic skills and keeps their minds busy when they're bored with all their high tech toys.
You can vary it by adding lots of different baskets and different sized balls.


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