Feb 27, 2013

New Glasses, Armani and Country Road

So in a 'responsible'adult moment last year I took out some basic health insurance to help me out with my optician payments and dental as I feared for my wisdom teeth.
The policy was only $10 a week and when I went to Specsavers to investigate what I could get for free I was pleasantly surprised!!

I got two pairs of the 2 for $199 glasses. I nwas surprised at all the good designer frames in this range (I've been known to pay $500 for one pair of glasses before) so I was in heaven. I was dying to get some of those Ray Ban style frames but wasn't sure because I have a very thin face and small head (Its like child sized and every optician always politely suggests I check out the kids frames...Um No thankyou...)
So I originally got these beautiful French Connection (Ray ban style rames and I totally loved them and told myself they looked good. But they were GINORMOUS, I couldn't pull them off. They were great to see out of because of  the large lenses but after a couple of weeks I went back to Specsavers and they said, no worries we'll exchange them for you!!

So I have my prescription Country Road Sunglasses now which are amazing and on the days I don't wear contact lenses I can swap from my glasses to these when I go outside.

And I exchanged the French Connections for some classic style, sophisticated Black thick rimmed glasses. I love them and I want to give Specsavers a massive shout out for being so helpful and patient with me and exchanging the frames simply because I had chosen wrong.

They gave me a great deal on anti-reflective and told me if I order my lenses online I can get them for less than $30 a box per eye, which has literally saved me $500 a year.

The too big French Connection ones!!

This post could be extremely boring for those without the battle of eyesight but when you're as short sighted as me and constantly in and out of opticians this really made my life easier, not to mention stylish!!



  1. I love those Spec Saver ads they are a hoot - I like your new glasses. Ps I am your newest follower!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

    1. Thanks Melissah, I have been following you for a while, love ur blog x

  2. you look so cute those specs! lovely shots!<3
    would you like to follow each other?


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