Feb 6, 2013

On a role!

Since I started this blog again about a month ago, I have enjoyed it so much. Seeing the increasing blog views, followers and comments always makes me smile.
I am also hooked on reading a few blogs and am always checking my reading list and hoping they've got a new post up!

I had gone into a bit of a writers slump over the last few weeks and life with the kids and housework and photo shoot had kind of put writing my second book on the back burner. My blog was just what I needed to get back into the swing of writing again and I have come close to almost finishing 'Sunflower' and even designed a cover idea. (Would love your feedback)

For those of you who have read my first book 'Wallflower' you'll know it's about two very different young girls who lives cross paths, they get mixed up in the world of love and drugs and raves in the nineties.
Its a fictional book but has a great deal of personal experience and meaning to me personally.

The second book follows Josie into her new life a few years down the track, who is now facing issues with her bitchy mother-in -law. She soon learns that behind the hard exterior, Stella has her reasons for acting the way she does. Stella is in an abusive relationship and in love with another man. Things turn nasty when Stella finally has the courage to leave and the whole family is affected by tragedy when the situation spirals out of control.

I was so touched by all the comments, feedback and requests for a second book that I started it last year. Since starting my blog, book sales and requests have gone up and have spurred me on to get 'Sunflower' finished.
I have decided to officially set myself a deadline to:  Finish, proofread and publish by......Oooh I hope I can do it..... the first of April. AHHHH.

So anyway, this was just a little THANK YOU post for keeping me going :)

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