Feb 14, 2013

When I was sorting out my Studio the other day I found two paintings which I did at Art College. A time where I was young and enthusiastic and all consumed with art and learning and had all my time to just be creative and paint and think!

This one was from a class where we had to choose a painting we loved and re-create it by using anything but no paintbrush! This was a Turner painting I copied, using acrylic and strips of card.

This isn't amazing but the handmade canvas is gorgeous and I remember at the time I thought it was amazing and I loved painting it!

These paintings reminded me of my passion and it totally inspired me. I've also found myself loving all things coastal lately. I'm loving going to the beach, taking my kids, seeing them run around and collect shells and breathe in the fresh air. So I spent the night, framing, painting and getting my hands dirty.

They are all for sale here in my store

My Coastal inspirations:

Kiddies playing at the beach, mountains in the background!

This pic reminds me of the beaches in England. I just love them, the times I spent there, the relief of being there, the sea, the weatherworn wood....

Found this gorgeous picture of mudeford beach huts here

These are also in my bathroom, I took the photo in the second one and I love it!!

 How lush are these styles, makes you just wanna sit down i one of those comfy chairs, read a book, in silence and take in that view and the sound of the sea, then maybe have a little nap...... daydreaming now!

A beach in Pool ( many years ago ) but this is what I mean where the inspiration comes from. Enjoying every moment of the summer on the beach.

Dorset beaches :)

Ooh this is nice, more comfy couches!



  1. Cute pictures!


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  3. You're so talented I love your landscape painting, reminds me of Brighton! xo


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