Mar 23, 2013

Dear Matilda, now you are two....

Dear Matilda,

Now you are two and more beautiful than ever, your hair is long and you like for me to put it up in ponytails with pretty bows and clips, so you can 'look'!!
You're a cheeky little girl, with the cutest smile in the world.

I love the way you eat anything, your fruit and veggies and whatever else you can get your hands on.

You love to snuggle on the couch with your jellycat and Kiki (blanky) you always share yours and say 'here mum, kiki for us', putting it over me too!

You love to read and are constantly shoving books in my throat (literally) to enjoy a story.
You are so smart already , speaking in sentences and having conversations with your brother. You play nicely with your favourite toys and love to zoom around on the golf car and on your ride along car, going as fast as you can.

I love to sit with you and do our nails as you watch in awe at the pretty colours, feeling grown up and something just for me and you.
You love Dora and Peppa Pig and copy what they say, you also like to sing along and dance with them, its so cute.

I love the things you say, eveything is so loud and clear and said in such a cute voice "Whats that noise??" "ok hunny?"
I love the way you call milk 'yonk' haha.

My little CC, which is how you are known after Oscar made up this name for you!

My little girl I love you with all my heart, you make me smile, you make me happy and I'm so grateful and proud to be your Mum xxxx


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