Mar 20, 2013

Hair photo tutorial - Bun with a twist

Ok so we all know how to do a bun. I live in a really hot climate and get sick of just shoving my hair up in a messy bun just so I can get my hair out my face. It looks lazy and rushed so I came up with this and I think it looks better. Quite a cool bun that actually stays in, even with my fine silky hair that slides through all hairbands!

Bear in mind, this is still a messy bun, its quick and easy...Just a little more organised than shoving every hair on top of your head for it to sag down an hour later and you have to keep re-doing it.

Here you go...

Start with putting your hair in a top knot, or half pony bun. I did Just a loop bun but you could do it more neat if you wanted. Or thicker by backcombing...

Secure with black hair elastic (I hate coloured hair elastics!! It looks so kiddy) or light brown hair elastic if you are blonde.

Then with the other half of your hair, twist up, like so...

Then wrap it around the other bun you have made. Secure with black bobby pins, then another black hair elastic over the top. It stays in for ages, with no fly-aways hanging down getting in your way. You can't see any of the hair accessories so looks nice and simple but with a bit of oomph. I thought so anyway.

Please point me in the direction of your blog for any more brilliant bun ideas or easy hair-up ideas!

I got a bit snap happy doing the bun pics and snapped this for the front page of my blog too x


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