Mar 24, 2013

Make-Up Haul

As I said in one of my last posts, I had to chuck out a lot of my products because I found out they had been tested on animals or made by a company that does test on animals, it was very annoying as I had trusted those companies and they were good products. I can't believe make-up is still tested on animals these days, I mean I honestly (and naiively) thought that that was something of the past.

Anyway I had to buy all new stuff, so here's a sneak peek at what I got before I do the product reviews in a week or so.

I bought Sukin Shampoo and Conditioner. I use these all the time, because there is no overpowering harsh soap and no silicone there is no buildup left on your hair, so leaves our hair looking clean and soft for a lot longer.

I got the 'Sukin' exfoliator which I haven't tried before but after using it twice now I am just as impressed as I am with their other products. It smells amazing and the exfoliants are all natural (walnts shells and stuff!) and not too harsh that they scrape your face.

For my make-up I decided to try the brand 'Australis' I got an eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, foundation and pinky blush (instead of my usual bronze) I love the eyebrow pencil, it's brown, dark brown but not orangey brown like my previous Rimmel one.

I got this outfit too. A grey dress from the Op-shop, it was $6.50, the purse with the bow was also from the op-shop. It still had a $20 price tag from it's original shop but I scored it for $5.
The bag is from K-Mart, only $15. I love it!
The accessories are from K-Mart too. Looks like they've had a packaging makeover, because everything was simple, clean, white packaging. The pricing was from $4- about $20 but I was impressed with the fashionable styles and quality too. I have never really bought accessories from there before bcause I haven't really lied them but everything seemed new and really nice in the display. I also got some pink feather earring s for $3 as well. The leopard necklace was $4 and the other one $6. Bargain really.

Almost everything from my shopping trip, everything else I got was for the kids.

This was my ultimate favourite purchase though. An eye pack filled with rice and lavender. I'd been to Yoga a couple of nights before where they had given everyone one. It was instantly relaxing and at the end of the relaxation period I fell asleep. I wanted to make one as I thought they were amazing but I found this in a little store called
"Just Plain Gorgeous' for $15. I literally love it, it puts me to sleep instantly!!


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