Mar 1, 2013

What Makes A Good Book?

I am writing this post because I am nearing the end of my second book. I am finishing off the ending and then I will start the task of proof reading and editing, so before I do that I want to have a quick think about what I think makes a good book, the reasons I love my favourite books etc.
Bookworms, please feel free to join in!

* Feeling like you know the characters, loving the characters
(Relate to them, like them, know their background, what makes them tick, the little things about them....)

* A good story line
(Good writing can carry you but it's the story line you will remember so it needs to be good.

* Wanting to read more, keeping the reader interested the whole way through. There's nothing better than a book you can't put down and as an author that's the greatest compliment you can get~

* Learning something

* Making you think about something in a different way or just generally making you think

Some of my favourite authors and why (Again this will help me figure out exactly what type of author I want to be)

Marian Keyes, her storytelling and her depth of characters, I literally love the Walsh family and feel like they are real!! When she mentions one of the other sisters in a new book I'm like 'ha, I know that, yeah that's sooo Helen' because she describes them so well and all of us can relate to at least one of those sisters ( For MK fans, I think I'm kind of an Anna)

Jodi Picoult, She writes storylines that at first I know nothing about, medical conditions, laws, real stuff. I always end up learning something and I always end up being asked moral questions, what would I do in that situation? I love that.
My favourite of her books are 'Handle with Care', 'My Sisters Keeper' and 'House Rules'.

Cecilia Ahern, Her Story lines are always really unusual, The Gift was such a shock to me at the end and everyone likes a big twist in a book. We all love PS, I Love you and the storyline of A place Called here is kind of magical and something I was really surprised by.

I'm currently reading 'The Book of Tomorrow' by Cecilia Ahern and so far so good, I look forward to getting into bed and reading it at night time. Thats always a good sign hey?


Have a great weekend everybody, I'll be beavering away at the computer and on my notepad when the kids are in bed, getting this book done, I'm really in love with it so can't wait to share it! But it's got to be perfect first :)


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  2. Awsome!! This post is a book in its self,well done.


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