May 30, 2013

Natio Brow Kit Review

OH MY!! I only do review posts if I'm totally in love with a product and this one is awesome...

After becoming obsessed with the upkeep of my eyebrows and not wanting them to look penciled and weird and wonky I invested a mere $19.95 in this saviour!!

This comes in a cute little compact that has two shades of brow shadow and bow wax (which is my fave!) to  keep it all in place and very handy 2 mini brow brushes and some tweezers which are really good and can pluck out even thick strong hairs (I'm sorry to say my eyebrows are dark and thick!)

All in all it was a very well spent twenty bucks as I will use this every day, either over the top of my eyebrow pencil or withoutit just to give my brows a stylish elegant well groomed look that looks natural!!


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