May 11, 2013


Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I was getting a bit addicted to blog reading so I took a little break and finished my book! *Hurrah* I got it proof read and am so happy with the final product!! It will be uploaded tonight and can't wait for people to start reading it!

In other news....

I joined a gym in the hope that I can be healthy, gain muscle and give myself a little boost of energy too (you always feel buzzing after a gym workout) and hopefully I can tone my saggy tummy up (I think the boobs only hope is a boob job lol)

I'm excited and had a great first session the other night, I went on the treadmill doing fast running, I did rowing and I did loads of weights hehe! It was nice to have some me time an just be out the house doing something productive!

I've started eating a lot more too, I want to gain some weight, I don't agree with conforming to looking a certain way but it would be nice to shut those people up and look my best, I had to go to the doctors the other day an he said I have a really low BMi and he advised me to put weight on so I'm going to give it a good go, I've been eating double portions of dinner and having these protein bulk mass gain milkshakes in between meals (they're gross but I add ice cream so they're quite yummy!)

I got my car fixed!!!! Twice ....
So for those of you who read my blog u may remember I was desperate for a car an that I bought one but the guy who sold it to me sold it without a RWC and it needed loads of work done on it and I was devastated wonderful dad lent me the money ($3200) *cough cough* and I got it roadworthy, transferred into my name and working beautifully! It is literally life changing, the kids and I can do so much now, we've been to mum and kids yoga classes, Oscars started nursery a couple of mornings a week which he just loves, we've been to parks, play gyms and shopping centres all on our own without putting baby seats in and out of other people's cars! Woohoo!!

The car is now a Wallflower Mobile!
We've all been bombarded with Vistaprint offers in our emails and everywhere we look on the internet and I have actually had business cards made up from them before but this time I ordered some Car Magnets for my car, I got one free one! And I bought an extra two, I also got a bumper sticker, all of them are good quality and it only cost me about $35 (including the 7 day postage)
I'm hoping it will help promote my book a little further, you never know who could see it and be intrigued and give it a google!

The magnets are really thin so blend into the surface really well but they're still really strong, yes very pleased with them actually :)

Hope u all have a great weekend and watch out for my new book 'Sunflower' on the amazon e-book store!!

Love Hayley xoxo


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