Jul 16, 2013

Brisbane - Pretty Cool

I wasn't too sure about it at first. I've lived all over, including the UK, Perth and Cairns, they were the longest settled times I suppose and I wasn't thrilled with Brisbane to begin with. I've been here a while now and I'm beginning to love it! The city is pretty awesome, it's young and trendy and easy enough to work out. It has style and atmosphere and I like it. The suburbs well, theres hundreds and I can't really comment on them all, some are rough, just like most cities and places. Some are amazing. We're close to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and everything from NSW to the rest of the East Coast. Queenslanders are generally a lovely bunch too.

I went into the city today, normally I think it's a huge big deal 'I'm going to the city' and imagine a huge busy place with traffic jams and anxiety but the last two times I went, even on a Saturday morning, I cruised in, with no traffic whatsoever, the sun shining and I thought "this is alright isn't it?"

Here's a few piccies (particularly impressed with the panoramic one, it's my first EVER panoramic!)


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