Jul 16, 2013

Never, Ever, Ever

I am linking up with this awesome linky today click here to link up and here are a few of my never, ever, evers!


Never, Ever, Ever

> Will I stop believing in true love
> Will I stop getting ridiculously obsessed with my favourite hot guys (Zac Efron, Harry Styles,      Brax...to name a few curent ones atm)
> Will I stop saying lol ALL the time, even when I am really not loling
> Will I make excuses for my true feelings and personality
> Will I give up on my dreams, just because something doesn't make you rich doesn't mean it isn't important
> Will I stop being addicted to Sugar!
> Will I Skydive, no matter how cool I think it will be, it won't happen
> Will I give up on people that I love
> Stop loving my children
> Stop seeing the good in things
> Think Bon Jovi is unattractive
> Will I enjoy cooking haha!
> Will I settle for something when it doesn't make me happy. Life is too short.

Have a go, it's fun!!

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