Aug 25, 2013

New Studio, lighting getting my make-up done!

So I have a new studio, it's always been a dream of mine to work for myself and be successful and basically love going to work and live this crazy life filled with art and photography and I am just so happy because it's what is happening!

I teamed up with a Make-Up Artist last week as we are thinking of doing makeover packages together.
She came over and did my make-up and I set up a little background, sorted some lighting and we tried to work out where we are going with this package, the price, what it includes etc.

So these are a few of the photos that she took (I set them up and did all the editing but I got her to press the button!)

Different lighting, style, background and settings. Familiarising with my new Camera and Studio!

Before Photoshop

After Photoshop

This photo has been photo-shopped to enhance the colour of my eyes, give me a tan, remove the lines on my neck and airbrush my skin!!

This was the Make-up the lovely lady used!



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