Aug 14, 2013


I want to be her!
I mean whatever she is,
Super-Mum, Super-Housewife, Independent Business Woman, Stylish and cool and attractive and talented, loving, fashionable, capable organic eating (and cooking), spotless organised house, flat stomached, great listener, kind-hearted, inspiring, Fun, intelligent, Earth Mother.

That's what I want to be. I'd say I was half way there, some of the time, okay a small percentage of the time.

I'm a Single Mum to to two toddlers.

I just don't have time to be all these things (or the energy), I get annoyed with feeling guilty, either that I don't have the money to do the things or buy the things I want/need ( I know money and material things are just that but sometimes you just want to spoil them or do something spontaneous ya know?)

I feel guilty that If I am 'working' and have a busy week they might end up watching too much TV or not getting my full attention.

I feel guilty if I am not working and trying to get more financially stable or reach my my potential or Change the bloody world haha!!

I strive to be there for them every hour of every day because I don't want them to be in daycare all the time, I want them to know and feel how much I love them
And all I can do is work when they go to bed (from my studio) but that's when I should be mopping the floors or sometimes I just want to sit and watch Tv and drink tea, or watch reality shows on iTunes (my only guilty pleasure don't judge me lol)

I think I'm doing a pretty good job of keeping the balance but then there's always that voice of
'You should be doing this, you could have done that better'

Shut up annoying voice, I'm tired and I'm doing pretty good.

I found an amazing post last week about the 'Just Mom' moments and it was so refreshing to read, and I took a big sigh afterwards.Why Being a Mom is Enough

What's your idea of Superwoman and how much pressure do you put on yourself to be her?!

I may not be Superwoman (yet!) But I'm definitely Lucky :)


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