Sep 18, 2013

DIY Ombre Hair

I have wanted Ombre hair for ages! My hair has always looked slightly lighter at the ends anyway so I knew it wouldn't be too scary to cross over to the ombre side but I just never got around to it before and it wasn't until I mentioned to my friend (who is excellent with anything to do with make-up, beauty, hair or fashion) and she offered to do it for me with her own salon quality bleach that it happened.

Although she's not a hairdresser, she knows what she is doing and advised me against getting a highlighting kit and doing it myself.

I went to her place and she set up a mini salon in her bathroom, mixed some bleach up and spent the next hour and a half putting foils in my hair.

We didn't do it block style, she just put lots of blonde highlights in the bottom and only about 2 - 3 inches high, just incase it went wrong and I hated it. I love the look though, so next time I do it I will have the blonde bits more block style and a bit higher up. Also if my friend does it again, we know the product she used last time worked really well and she will know how much etc. to get. It was a trial for both of us. I'm really happy with it though and can't wait to get dressed up and do some big ass curls on it :)

^ Can't move my head because of the amount of foils lol ^

Please excuse the no make-up!!

Thanks for reading!

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