Sep 21, 2013

Getting Ready for nights out

I think that's the best part about having a night out! I love the pre-pampering, hair washing, make-up perfecting and outfit planning that takes place, especially when its with one of your best friends or your sister.

This week my lovely friend dyed my hair ombre for me which gave me a definite perk up, she then gave me a spray tan.
I think spray tans have really come a long way. Now mostly using organic product with violet or green bases which counteract the orange colour that used to be associated with fake tan.

It makes you feel instantly better. I'm addicted! Although living in QLD, especially approaching Summer, it's not hard to get a little bit of natural colour from the sun, I just get ever so worried about getting sunburnt and I get quite hot and flustered if I try and 'sunbathe'.

So anyway my sister and I went out on a night out in Brisbane with another friend. And as I only go out on nights out like this very very rarely, I get really into the getting ready excitement.

I felt pretty good after my lovely friend (yes the same one who did my hair and spray tan!) lent me a nice dress that matched my new turquoise shoes.

I have to mention, I jumped on the 'essie' nail polish band wagon, I've heard so much about it from various bloggers but only got around to trying it a few weeks ago. This is the colour 'absolutely shore' and I love it. When you have put two coats on it really looks amazing, lovely block colour and really unusual colours, also I love the names they use for their colours, I can't wait to try some new ones!

Anyway we had a great night out, met a few nice people and let our hair down

have a great weekend


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