Sep 3, 2013

Mums Wear Lipstick #2 Be Organised

So the biggest problem about being a Mum is that time seems to slip through our fingers, there are never enough hours in the day to get all the things we need to do done. Piles of washing, housework, dishes, feeding everyone, sometimes getting dressed or making myself look better has been bottom of the list but here are just a few easy tips to make it happen easily!

- Put out what you might wear the night before or at least think about it. 

If it's already laid out, you can just shove it on instead of wasting valuable time trying to decide on something to wear with two toddlers demanding breakfast and fighting over the toilet.

- Keep your closet organised

Sounds a pain, but if it's organised and everything has a place, shoes have a rack and can just quickly be put back at the end of the day, knickers have their own place, I recently put a  lundry basket in my closet and in my bathroom so at least there's more places to put dirty clothes and less chance of them being dumped on the floor when you're really knackered.

- Put your make-up back when you've finished

There's nothing worse than coming home from work or a long day with the kids and going into the bathroom to find bronzer stains, a wet make-up brush or used cotton pads, creams with their tops off and because you've left it out a child has wondered in and smeared stuff on the nice white towels or just stuck their fingers straight through the middle of your eyebrow wax or your lip-balm but if you had just spent one minute putting it away in the first place you could have avoided this messy and annoying scene!!

- Have a bath

All these points sound really lame and obvious until I explain them! I love to have a shower in the morning, refresh yourself and wash your hair but I love a nice warm bath at night, it chills you out, takes you away from the internet, the emails, text messages and the TV, so you can spend 10-15 mins just not thinking and relaxing, shave your legs if you feel like it (another timesaver, so you're not frantically doing it in the morning when you have to wear a skirt) and you clear your mind and thats when everything gets a little bit clearer, I always get my best ideas in the bath!!

- Paint your Nails

I think if you keep your toe nails painted, it's important, at least then you don't have to worry about your shoe choices, it lasts for ages so you don't have to do it all that often. It makes you feel a tiny bit more glamorous and like you've got your shit together Also if you can stretch to rubbing some nice oil or foot cream into your feet then you are stimulating your blood circulation through your whole body and that will make you feel a little bit better too.

- Drink Water

Yes you're tired of everyone going on about drinking water all the bloody time but it really does make you feel better and it really does make you're skin look and feel better. Being hydrated will help kerb your sugar cravings too. That's a fact I didn't just make it up!


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