Sep 7, 2013

Mums Wear Lipstick #3 POSH PAJAMAS :)

Okay so sometimes (don't pretend you don't) I stay in my PJ's for quite a long time. I mean not intentionally I just get stuck into doing things:

Unloading the dishwasher...Getting the kids and myself breakfast...Playing with them...checking my emails...general tidying...packing a bag or lunches for a day out and sometimes its lunchtime and I'm still wearing them (Not everyday obviously just those days where things just seem to get ahead of you and time goes real quick!)

BUT for those days, I have devised a plan. POSH PAJAMAS!

Wearing sloppy old pajamas at night (and er late morning) makes you feel sloppy but wearing glamorous, cute, crisply ironed pajamas isn't so bad.

All my Pajamas are nice, they're new looking, fashionable (?) fun and comfy at the same time.

I like...

Matching shorts and T-shirt sets

Anything by Peter Alexander

Girl boxers


My One Direction T-shirt!!

Floaty Cotton shirts

Here's some of my dream JimJams

OMG H & M Do the best pajamas, too bad I can't get them out here, all my past faves of mine have been from there, I really love Snoopy and they seem to always have Snoopy in stock too!

So don't feel bad about staying in your PJ's that little bit too long....As long as they're nice! :)

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