Nov 23, 2013

'Lush' Fun - Massage Bars and getting addicted.

I hadn't been to 'Lush' since I lived in England. My sister usually buys me a bath bomb from there to accompany my Christmas present and I always love them.
Last time I was walking past the store at my local Mall I couldn't help but be guided in by the delicious smell. I felt like treating myself so I spoke to the lovely girl who helped me out and let me try heaps of the products before I finally chose a gorgeous massage bar for my throbbing feet. She also showed me these awesome little gifts for the kids.
My kids are absolutely obsessed with playdough so when I saw this stuff called 'Fun'which is basically soapy playdough for the bath I was absolutely sold.

My kids loved it and thought I was brilliant for getting it for them. All three colours, Red, Green and Gold for Christmas smell divine and my kids rub it all over them and smell delicious afterwards too. The gift pack was a complete bargain for only $7.50!!

Couldn't have been happier with the service and the products and can't believe it took me so long to go in there again. Saving up my pennies for a Lush haul and dropping hints to family members about what I want for Christmas!!


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