Dec 16, 2013

Don't forget to have fun...Being a Mum

I learnt a valuable lesson today!! As usual when I get the kids out of the bath they go into Matildas room where I get them in their PJ's once they've dried off. It takes a while because they always bounce on her bed. I'm like 'guys come here, lets get your jammies on' they are too busy giggling and and jumping for a good five minutes before they take any notice, so I tidy the room up a little, pick up the blocks of lego, fold clothes blah blah blah but today I just randomly decided to join them. They were singing a song (the one they learnt off Yo Gabba Gabba 'OUTSIDE VOICE LOUD LOUD LOUD, INSIDE VOICE SHH SHH SHHH' I started singing it with them and then got on the bed and jumped up and down with them, they were in hysterics, giggling their little heads off at Mummy being silly, we were holding hands, singing that silly bloody song and jumping. It was so fun. The funny thing is that after that they played really nicely for the next hour before bed, they played shopkeepers nice and quietly instead of fighting over who was going to be who and who was going to use the till etc. 
The moral of the story being 'Don't forget to have fun' it's little moments like that that make it all worth it and moments like that that they will remember


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