Dec 18, 2013

My Fave Lipstick - Kate Moss Lasting Finish #ThePerfectRedLipstick

I have been absolutely loving wearing red lipstick lately, since it's Summer and I have a bit of a tan. It took me a while to find one that wasn't too smudgy and didn't dry my lips out thoguh.

This is my favourite at the moment,

Rimmel London - Kate Moss Lasting Finish Red Lipstick in shade 10

When I first heard Kate Moss was teaming up with Rimmel doing her own lipstick range I was ready to sprint to the shops and buy the whole lot there and then. I love Kate Moss, her style, her make-up, her Britishness and the way cool-ness just oozes out of her!!

The range totally lives up to the expectations I had and I pretty much love all the reds by Kate Moss in this collection and have quite a few others but this one is just the right balance, not too dark, not too light, not too gawdy (That's a word right?)

I love the fact they are so affordable and if you are not used to wearing brights or reds, they are reasonable enough to try or just keep for the odd occasion, but also being a great quality that don't dry your lips out or make them go tingly and chapped, which is what most lipsticks do to me.

They are widely available in pretty much all chemists and supermarkets. So this is a must for all you lippy fans if you haven't tried it already.

Me wearing it (on the left)

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