Feb 27, 2014

Photo Shoots

I have been working away on my new book, something that is different from the last two and something that is very very personal to me.

I wanted to start work on the cover and getting some images together and also changing the previous two to some photography instead of drawings.

I was lucky that my friend said she would help me and we had lots of fun doing a mini photo shoot on her balcony overlooking Brisbane. (The third book is set in Brisbane, so very handy)

I did a couple of poses for the third book cover...I wanted it to be me overlooking Brisbane as it's a personal story to me and that is where I live.

For the second book cover I wanted to portray a key moment in the book when Stella finds herself alone with literally just a bag in a foreign country and foreign apartment.

These are a few of the unedited images that I am trying to work through as well as come up with a book cover design.

Have a great weekend :)


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