Jun 11, 2014

Can't Live Without - Three Beauty Treats

I rarely buy 'Beauty' stuff, I don't wear a great deal of makeup. I prefer to spend money on clothing (if I have any spare cash after food shopping, bills and the kids clothing etc. etc....)

So when I do it has to be pretty damn good for me to spend on it!

Here's a little list of the things I just couldn't live without and have 'splurged' on over the last few weeks.

1. Real Techniques Brush Set

I purchased these from Priceline a month or two ago.
I bought the Expert Face Brush separately. I use it to apply my foundation. It's amazing.

The Starter Set (For Eyes)
It includes a Base shadow brush, Deluxe crease brush, Accent brush, Fine line brush and a Brow Brush.

The brushes come in a stand and I don't know why that makes me so happy but it does.
Real Techniques are the brushes developed by Sam and Nic Chapman of PixiWoo (sisters of Jim Chapman - who I'm also obsessed with) all of which I have followed for a long time on youtube.
PixiWoo do amazing Make-up tutorials and I wanted the brushes before I had even touched them, before they were even available in Australia!

Starter Kit was $39.99
Expert face brush was $19.99

(I may have dropped a bit of white paint on the stand when I was painting the bathroom..oops and the handle of the foundation brush has a bit of foundation hand on it...oops.)

2. Lush Massage Bars

This is my 3rd or 4th massage bar now, this one is the 'hottie' and the second time I've bought it. It smells unreal and I just love the little luxury of getting into bed and rubbing this on my skin. You literally smell amazing and it makes you super super soft. It's only $10.50 and worth every cent. They last a good while and I have the tins to keep them in too, for extra preservation. Lush will always be my guilty pleasure. I never really need anything from there but I love the whole company, the fact they give a shit about the environment and only use the bare minimum of recycled packaging and all their products and ingredients are natural and not tested on animals. It pisses me off (a huge amount) this is one of the only beauty companies in the world like this.

3. Rimmel Natural Bronzer

This is an old favourite. I hadn't used it for ages but when my other bronzer ran out, I didn't want to re buy that one and went back to the Rimmel Natural Bronzer. I just love the way it works on my skin, the size and the price.

Hope you had a good day
Love Hayley :)


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