Jun 15, 2014

Gluten Free - Snacks

The thing I always fail on whenever I am trying to do some kind of healthy eating plan is the snacks.
I just love snacking and get hungry after like an hour, I don't really eat big meals and I kind of hate cooking.
Soooo I was very good and went and stocked up on some healthy gluten free snacks, some are not organic but they are GMO free at least.

Obviously they are a bit more expensive than regular snacks like a normal chocolate bar or packet of crisps but I really don't mind spending a bit extra. I honestly believe that what you put into your body....the thing that keeps you alive is the most important thing in the world, especially as a parent. So I don't think that should ever be a question. People sometimes shut me down automatically saying "Oh no, I can't afford to eat gluten free/healthy/organic" and to be fair it is sad that we can't just buy food and trust it to be good for us or that because we want stuff without pesticides, toxic ingredients we are made to look like freaks. I think it's even sadder that some people really don't care, that saving a few dollars is more important.

I really don't want to be 'one of those people' that is fussy or annoying at kids parties, which is why I wish more people realised the truth about what is actually in our food. The more people that demanded free range meat, organic vegetables, GMO free ingredients, the cheaper they would get and then that would become the norm. Which is the only reason I go on about it.

I found this video on facebook a while ago that I thought was brilliant. It's about blaming marketing etc. for our food culture but the reality is that they only get away with it because people turn a blind eye. I thought it was amazing and summed it up perfectly, also giving you an insight into the meat trade.

Wow that got a bit deep....Sorry. So yeah, heres the gluten free snacks I picked up to stop me from falling off the wagon!!

Have a great day xxxx


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