Jun 12, 2014

Love your Life

One of the main reasons I have started blogging again is that it forces you to be mindful of all the good things around you. Sometimes I get so distracted and stressed out over silly things that this keeps me a little bit focused and makes you notice the good things.

Today my friend Saraniya and I, who's very much like me, a bit of a dreamer, went out to lunch for the second day in a row. We want to try out as many new places for lunch as we can. She found an awesome little place called Bonsai Botanika on Elizabeth Street.
It was so us.
It was all wooden and organicy, with crates and fresh coffee and yummy chocolate flourless cakes.
They were playing Jazz music, had brilliant photo backdrops, with cool lights and wine bottles and wooden tables. I had brought my 'good' camera along with me so we snapped away.

I got a Rocket, Walnut and Apple Salad with some absolutely delicious bread. Mmmm.
We got a Pineapple and Cinnamon Juice which was pretty nice, considering I hate Cinnamon.
Saraniya got the flourless chocolate cake, that was my favourite.

Have a great day


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