Jun 8, 2014

Re-decorating - The Bedroom - Before and After

I have been doing lots of painting recently. I was desperate to redecorate my bedroom from the dark colours it had when I moved in (no offence to the owners who chose the colours, I just prefer light and bright colours instead of warmish, darker colours)

Its amazing the way you can be affected so much by a colour, how they can affect your mood and the way you feel in your home. Anyway I finally got around to doing it and am so happy with it!!

First of all I painted two coats of the colour I chose 'hazelnut milk' with my brush and rollers on all the walls. Then I bought two tester pots and chose the colour for my feature wall. I think it was called fresh mint or something. My favourite colour has always been turqoise, like the colour of a Tiffany's box or any turquoise shade really.
The colour I chose is very close to the Tiffanys colour though. I LOOOVVEE IT!!

After it was all painted, the dark furniture in my room looked horrible against it, so I bought some furniture paint, prep coat and an enamel for the top in white.
I had to do about three base coats and about two top coats just to make sure the dark wood didn't show through. Hard work I tell ya! But I'm glad I made the effort.

I like my room to be like a little haven, it's easy to keep clean and tidy as the kids don't really come in. So even if the rest of the house is messy I can come in here at the end of the day and relax.

I bought a nice white fluffy blanket, some new white bed-side lights and put bulbs in them (my other ones never really worked, one was broken, one not switched on at the power point and I never got round to moving the bed out of the way to turn it on whoops) some silver candles, put some of my silver frames out and brought in some of my other white furniture and put a full length mirror up.
I have put a few frames up for now on the wall by the Tv, some of my favourite pictures but I might end up doing one big canvas to hang by itself.
Another project in the making!!

I'm just painting the en-suite bathroom the same colour as the bedroom walls now :)

                                                                    Colours Before ^

                                                                      Colours After ^

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