Jul 12, 2014

15 minute Beachy Curls

As I don't have a lot of time to do my hair, if I am going out in the evening I usually do this hairstyle.
Basically I wash my hair in the morning and then do these steps for a quick and easy hairstyle that virtually requires no products, time or effort and lasts for the next day too!!


Step One - Wash Hair and blow-dry the top part only, just your roots.

Step Two - Put your hair into a French plait / braid.

Leave it like this for the rest of the day,

Step Three - Take the Plait out and give a quick blow-dry if hair is still a bit damp

Should look a bit like this

Step Four - Add a few extra curls with your hair straightener

I did about 8-10 on each side.
Bouffed it up a little with my hands and that was it.

This is so easy, I do it all the time. Sometimes tying a few strands from the front back into a half pony. I don't really use any products in my hair because I hate the build up that you get but if I do feel like I need something or I want it to last longer I use my 'Rockstar' Sea Salt Spray.

Hope you like this style :)

Have a great day 
Love Hayley xxxx


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