Jul 23, 2014

Style Makeover - Part One

I am sick of my wardrobe, I feel uninspired by it and I don't enjoy searching through my closet in the hope of putting an outfit together I am happy with.
This used to come so natural to me, everybody used to comment that I had great style (apart from a couple of years in high school when I went through my mad hippy stage which basically just involved wearing layers upon layers of multi-coloured fabric, tie dye and endless amounts of stone jewellery. Oh Dear God)

Now I just find it an ordeal getting dressed, I hate going shopping, usually because I have my 3 and 4 year olds with me, whinging about wanting to go to the Park or for something to eat or for me to buy them toys.

Even when I'm on my own, it's like I've forgotten hjow to do it properly, maybe it's because my body is so different now, I can't buy the go to styles I used to go for, now I have to work out if it will suit my body type, if I can afford it, if it's got durability (I'm super fussy and I hate cheap fabrics)
The whole thing seems to be exhausting and that's before I've even tried anything wrong.

But, it's getting ridiculous and I need to do something, because I don't feel comfortable in the things I have at the moment.

So I am going shopping tonight, kid free. A small amount of money.

I need to put some kind of thought into what I am going to buy so I can avoid a dazed and confused performance and no purchases. Which is what always seems to happen these days if I even look at a shopping centre.

So I've turned to Pinterest for some Pinspiration....

To me, this look is everything. I love every single thing about it. I am going to look for similar shaped blazers and a bag like this (well shape, obviously it's not going to be that similar to what VB can afford)
I love the gold accessories, tee, shorts and sunnies.
It is so easy to wear this look in Brisbane.

Ok I'm getting a bit more excited about this shopping trip :)

It's winter at the moment, although it's not too cold, I'm taking full advantage of being able to wear black tights and short dresses, it's one of my all time favourite looks.

I love the colour and pattern of this, perfect for Summer in Australia :)

These skirts <3

Everything!! The colour of the denim, the accessories, the shoes <3

These boots and colour palette <3

I also need some smart work wear, I can wear in the office.

Well I am definitely glad I did this, I have a kind of idea what I am going for now...
Let's hope I manage to actually buy something so I can do a nice big Fashion haul on it :)



  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera" and "flash curiosity news".



    Greetings from Italy

  2. This is such a lovely idea.I'm sick of my boring closet too :)Keep in touch xoxo


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