Jul 8, 2014

The things I don't want to say to myself

Sometimes you've got to stop making excuses and admit you're not actually doing your best if you want the life you dream of. You control your own destiny and all that.
I have been doing a lot of thinking today, in my bedroom when the kids had gone to bed (after we had an awesome day at Mount Glorious - see previous post) without the TV on and no phone by my side. I was flicking through 'The Secret' and reflecting on my life situation and I realised there were only a couple of things I was unhappy with and that it was kinda my fault.

So I'm writing this to try and rectify the situation.

1. I am hugely disorganized
I blame it on not having enough time, being a busy Mum, being exhausted but the reality is if I put a bit more effort into doung the laundry as I go, planning meals the night before or having a quick tidy every night my life might not be so stressful and overwhelming.

2. Put your phone down
This is a hard one for me to admit because I HATE it when people are on their phones all the time, its rude and its ignorant, it's wasting moments of your life and it's distracting and although I always maintained the only reason I used my phone was because I needed it for work emails, customer enquiries and social media marketing for my business/books which is fair enough, lately I've been using it for pinterest way too much, mindlessly scrolling through instagram and Facebook feeds and I'm annoyed at myself and I'm logging out right now.

3. Stop Racing Ahead
As part of my reflective state I was staring at one of my drawings (one of my favourites) that is hanging on my wall and I really looked at it. Drawing is something I love and instead of doing stuff I love lately all I have thought of is how can I make more money, what pictures sell better, money making ideas and constantly racing ahead of time and rushing things I do. Instead of doing things with time and care and it really shows, the paintings I've done recently have been rushed and not good. I need to slow down because racing ahead doesn't get you there any quicker if you're not enjoying it and not doing it properly

4. Stop Stressing
I seriously need to calm down, stop being busy and stressy and snappy and panicking about bills and chores and world issues and everything else. I need to write lists, do things on time and be present in the moment.

Be present. I think thats the whole point of this rambling post actually.
Ah yes I feel better already :)


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